Child welfare services

Parent support/outreach program (PSOP)

PSOP is a voluntary program offering short-term services for parents to access when they need:
  • Information and support to connect with community resources
  • Help in planning how to meet the daily needs of their children and families
  • Awareness and education regarding child development and parenting
  • Assistance with planning and decision making during times of high stress or transitions
To make a referral, please contact child & family services intake at: 507.431.5727

Minor parent services

The agency may receive a call from an adolescent, a family member or may receive a mandatory “Report of a birth to a Minor” from a medical center or hospital. When a minor is pregnant or parenting, the agency is obligated to offer an assessment and provide services. A case plan would be developed with the minor parent, and many times with their support system, to provide services to support the parent and the beginning parenting experience.

To make a referral or receive additional information, please contact child & family services intake at:

Children’s mental health

Children’s mental health services are voluntary services available to children from 0-21 in Minnesota. This includes identifying children with needs at the earliest possible time, assisting families to complete comprehensive diagnostic assessments and engaging them in supports and services to appropriately address their children’s mental health needs. MNPrairie:
  • Provides services and supports to families at their request
  • Engages and partners with families, support networks and professionals
  • Provides case management services which includes visits with children and families within their home, community or school settings on an at least monthly basis (or more frequently) to address needs
  • Conducts initial and ongoing comprehensive assessments of need, create family driven case plans
  • Shares information and assists families to connect with available services within community settings (e.g. children’s therapeutic services, respite services, parenting supports/services, awareness/education opportunities)
  • Assists families in navigating mental health services, including hospitalization and residential placements
To request services or receive additional information, please contact child & family services intake at: